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TEDIA® spol. s r. o. is entirely Czech company, dealing with measuring and industrial electronic systems. It has its own development, manufacturing and servicing departments.
The company was founded in March 1994 with the intention of developing and manufacturing the measurement cards for IBM PC systems and trading with acessories and add-on components. The activities of Elektrokonsult company (1991) has been taken over.

The basic range of products of PC add-on cards has been expanded; special measuring instruments with high sampling rate or accuracy (40MHz, 20 bits) has been developed and the development of non-standard custom-made devices has started concurrently (e.g. for medical purposes). In the following period the range of products has been appended with the modules for distributed systems for controlling the technological processes (MicroUnit modules series) and several devices for communication and data transfer in industrial environment.

TEDIA moved to new premises in 1998. The development and manufacturing department use large premises with antistatic floor. An independent DTP workplace has been built to provide publishing activities both in printed and electronical form.

A necessary part of the company expansion has been the establishment of wide trade network. The TEDIA products has been traded by our business partners in most of the big cities all over the Czech Republic and since January 2000 also in Slovakia thanks to our dealership in Ko¹ice.


The standard range of product of TEDIA includes many ISA, PC/104, PCI and PCI Express cards (TEDIA is a member of PCI Special Interest Group, the industry organization chartered to develop and manage the PCI standard), several tens of modules for industrial distributed systems, many devices for the RS-232/422/485 interfaces implementation and multifunctional USB modules.

Besides the basic range of products the company offers custom-made development of electronic devices. Due to our own wide and complex development we are able to solve custom-made applications in short-term periods, using today's modern equipment, devices and technology.

The company disposes of the development resources for complex solution of all pre-manufacturing phases, including:

The prototype and short-run production is realised by our premises, equipped by a high precision SMD pick and place machine for high mix production Essemtec FLX2010V (allowing to populate components up to 0.3 mm pin pitch and Ultra Fineline BGA) and vapor phase soldering technology oven.

The big series production is realises by a cooperation with reliable suppliers equipped with the technology to meet the demand on low price.

Also a very important part of the whole chain from design to production is the experienced and educated development team, which we can evidently propose.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)

TEDIA has been always trying to achieve high quality and reliable products and has been evolving its internal quality control management system. In December 2003 the system was certified according to the ÈSN EN ISO 9001:2001 standard and recertified in November 2010 according to the EN ISO 9001:2008.

All TEDIA QMS certificates are available below:

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