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Selected 2006 Custom-made Development Projects

Multifunctional ISA Card

This custom-made multifunctional card PCA-1608B was developed for the Bohm company (a supplier of control systems), as a modernized replacement for the PCA-1608A card.

The card provides eight isolated analog inputs offering various features according to the add-on module with the 16-bit A/D converters (every channel provides a separate ADC, the card has no multiplexers) and the sampling frequency of up to 8x 32 kHz. The card also provides 32 digital IO, up to four 32-bit counters (programmable to many modes including the quadrature encoder mode).
The scanning logic allows the user to record chosen input signals (analog inputs, counters and digital ports) at the frequency of up to 32 kHz. The data buffer for measured data is 512 kB. Another extension of the number of digital IO is possible using the built-in RS-485 line to connect external Microunit series modules.
The firmware for both FPGA circuits may be updated by the user easily, so the user may add another functions to the card right in the installed application program.

Ordeded by: B÷hm Company
Realized: May - July 2006

Quadrature Signal Generator Module

This special custom-made module for generating of the quadrature signal has been developed for ZAT a.s., a prominent supplier of control systems.

The module is based on the microcontroller, gate array and DDS circuit for the generating of precise frequency of up to 10 kHz. Changing of the frequency has no latency and is high accurate thanks to the DDS circuit (the control circuits work with the resolution better than 0.001 Hz).

The isolated high-power outputs are short-circuit-proof providing the overcurrent, overheat and overvoltage protection. All inputs are protected against ±50V overvoltage.

Ordeded by: ZAT a. s.
Realized: May - June 2006

Modules for Testing the Fire Resistance of the Cables

Special modules (modified MicroUnit) for testing the fire resistance of the cables have been designed for PAVUS a.s. testing laboratory, including the measuring unit of the high-power signals. The whole system provides more than 200 channels for measuring of the line voltage and 200 channels for measuring of the current. The signals are processed by the isolation transformers, digitized at high sampling frequency and the effective values are evaluated by the main microcontroller.

TEDIA has ensured the develompent and manufacturing of the electronics. The whole system of the units, switchboards and software has been developed by TBW Kdyný.

Ordeded by: TBW Kdyný
Realized: March - May 2006

CAN Bus Interface PCI Card

This special interface PCI card with two CAN and two serial interfaces has been developed for MEFI, s. r. o., the company engaged in development and manufacturing of machine control systems.

The card provides PCI interface with 3.3/5V PCI bridge, two standard CAN controllers and two 16C950 standard UARTs. The CAN interfaces are isolated, providing TVS diodes and additionaly the surge arrestors to protect the isolation gap. The board also provides the supply source for external circuits using powerful short-circuit-proof DC/DC converters with overvoltage protection.

Ordeded by: MEFI, s. r. o.
Realized: October 2005 - March 2006