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Selected 2009 Custom-made Development Projects

EU-3000 System Extended

In 2009, the modular DA&C system EU-3000 was extended by several new units.

Two new I/O units has been developed. The first is used for LVDT sensor signal processing, where the FPGA is used for complex data processing using the DFT including the generation of the excitation signal. Another unit is used for the resolver signal processing.

Another two types of data concentrators providing different number of ethernet and LVDS interfaces has been also developed.

The TEDIA® company has been realizing the development and manufacturing of the units and other parts of the system.

Ordered by: INOVA Praha s.r.o.
Realized: 2009

Datalogger for Trolleybuses

This tiny datalloger capable to log and evaluate error states has been developed for extending the diagnostic circuits being currently used at the trolleybuses.

The datalogger creates an archive containing up to 100,000 records, including the time stamp (the RTC circuit is used).

The datalogger provides the USB interface for configuration a downloading of the archive.

The TEDIA® company has realized the development and manufacturing of the datalogger including the configuration and data processing software.

Ordered by: TKS company
Realized: 2009

Data Recording System

The electronic part of the data recording system has been realised. The system is based on FPGA, ensuring to record data from high speed serial interfaces and transfer them to the host servers in real-time using a gigabit ethernet interface.

The FPGA firmware allows the user to read data simultaneously from more than 10 synchronous serial interfaces and process and transfer them using one or two gigabit ethernet interfaces (MAC layer is controlled in the FPGA) into one or two connected servers.

Maximal achieved effective data transfer rate of both ethernet interfaces is 2x 100MB/s. The two servers provide HDD array with a 4 TB data storage loop (Linux). The storage loop is transparently accessible through another ethernet interfaces at the servers as a standard file system (Samba), so the data may be processed from other computers online.

Standard LAN interface is used for configuration and system supervision.

The TEDIA® company has realized the development and manufacturing of the electronic part of the system.

Ordered by: cannot be published
Realized: 2009 - 2010