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Selected 2010 Custom-made Development Projects

Multifunctional USB Module for Seismic Prospecting

Two special USB modules for seismic prospecting has been developed for the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR).

The first module is a compact 4-channel module UDAQ-2804, providing four isolated channels and 31-bit ADC. The sampling frequency may be set in the range of 250Hz to 4kHz and the selectable input ranges are from ±40mV to ±2.5V. When the 250Hz mode and ±1.25V input range is selected, the achieved SNR ratio is better than -120dB (SFDR).
The system module allows to be synchronized with other systems using the GPS (1PPS) timestamp.

Another module is the 12-channel UDAQ-2812. Unlike UDAQ-2804 the electronics is divided into central unit (used as a data bridge between USB interface and four high speed serial ports) and four units providing analog inputs connected to the central unit using cables of the length of up to 100m.
Because the UDAQ-2812 circuit design comes out of the UDAQ-2804 module, the specifications are analogical.

Ordeded by: Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, ASCR
Realized: January - September 2010

EU-3000 System Extended

In 2010, the modular DA&C system EU-3000 was extended by smart serial interface units.

The unit allows the user to communicate simultaneously with up to four interfaces. The possible modes are either synchronous SSI (wide-spread protocol used by different sensors used in automation) or asynchronous RS-422 and RS-485 allowing the user to communicate with wide number of devices.

The TEDIA® company has been realizing the development and manufacturing of the units and other parts of the system.

Ordered by: INOVA Praha s.r.o.
Realized: 2010