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Selected 2011 Custom-made Development Projects

Isolation amplifier OPT-1128

The eight-channel isolation amplifier has been developed especially for measuring of detonating effects in the testing institute. The amplifier also provides circuitry for the measured signal trigger.

All mutually-isolated channels provide input amplifier with programmable gain and bandwith of more than 100 kHz. The output signals in the range of ±10 V are processed and analyzed by the PCI measuring card and processed through the ScopeWin32 software.

Ordered by: Physical-Technical Testing Institute s.p.
Realized: 2011

EU-3000 DA&C system extended

In 2011 the EU-3000 system was extended with a four-channel unit for measuring of DC signals and DC actuated bridge.

The unit utilizes a new 24-bit ADC with the sampling rate of 100 kHz with added FIR filters implemented in the FPGA. The inputs utilize modern zero-drift instrumentation amplifiers and provide ranges of tens of mV up to ±10 V. The unit also provides four programmable references of symetrical voltage for actuating of the bridges.

TEDIA® company developed this unit and also provides the manufactiuring.

Ordered by: INOVA Praha s.r.o., Inova GmbH
Realized: 2011