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Selected 2012 Custom-made Development Projects

Datalogger for Seismic Prospecting BRS32

This special mobile datalogger is intended for seosmic measurements and has been developed for Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR).

The device provides three high-precision 31-bit ADC allowing to sample input signals up in the range of 250 Hz to 4 kHz. The measured data is saved into the built-in USB flash drive of the size of up to 64 GB.
The three seismometers are built into the device, but they can be also connected externally.
A high-speed USB interface is provided for the file transfer (the datalogger behaves as an ordinary USB flash disk after connecting to PC).
The whole measuring device is built into the sturdy Peli case. The power supply is provided by an internal accu (running time for measuring up to 40 hours), or alternatively by an external power source.

Ordeded by: Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, ASCR
Realized: January - September 2012

External module for Data Recording

This special custom module serves for data processing and data transfer into PC using high-speed USB interface.

The module provides 25 bi-directional ports (RS-422) and allows to group the ports into the input or output channels with variable bit depth.

The system is based on a powerful FPGA with a clock generator based on direct digital synthesis (DDS) and provides high-speed data memory and USB controller.

Ordered by: cannot be published
Realized: February - December 2012