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Choosing the Solution

If you are facing a problem whether to start a development project using your own capabilities or using an external supplier, further information may help you to find the best alternative.

The whole range of our products has been developed entirely by our staff. Since 1994 we have been gaining experience with the development more than hundred of PC add-on cards (ISA, PC/104, PCI and PCI Express) and over 300 types of microcontroller boards.

We do not aim to high production volume; innovating and modifying of various devices and systems make up most of our production. Regarding to our own wide and systematic development program we are ready to solve custom applications in short-term periods, using today's best available components and technology. Based on our long-standing experience, when a customer comes with his own idea of the electronic device design, we realize that we had already designed similar one before. This saves both money and time.

We may Offer to You

Development department provides:

Manufacturing department provides:

Testing laboratory provides:

The laboratoy is utilized by the development department for prototype tests and type tests, and also by the production deprartment for routine production tests.

Technologies, we have been already using:

Our Custom Realizations

Our custom products operate in ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav, control the silicon furnace in Tesla Sezam, control the properties on the main stage of the National Theater, were used when rebuilding the control station in Dukovany nuclear power plant and in many systems realized by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

Among many well-known customers let's mention Matsushita Television Central Europe, Rohde&Schwarz, TESLA Sezam (today's ON Semiconductor), AVX Czech Republic, INOVA Testing Systems and many others.

The following links show several representatives of our custom development projects; unfortunately not all of them might be published: