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Products Overview

The range of our standard and custom-made products is rather wide, you may also see the list of the products in alphabetical order and accessories compatibility table for better orientation. Also, the list of recently released products is available.

Custom-made Development, Solution Examples

The TEDIA production schedule may be divided into two categories. The first one includes standard components for general use, another one non-standard and custom-made development products.

There are differences also in the way of distribution of the products. The standard products are available within the wide network of our contract-hire business partners; the non-standard components are distributed directly by the submitters of the development or the supply may be negotiated with us.

DA&C PCI Cards

The PCI add-on cards represent the standard products for laboratory and industrial use . Wide range of accessories are available.

DAQ USB Modules

Since 2002 we offer DAQ USB modules. They are intended especially for mobile and laboratory measurement and data processing and may be used in general workplaces indeed as an alternative solution to the common PC add-on card-based systems.

Industrial Communication Devices

The industrial communication devices are significant products in the TEDIA range of products. This includes PCI Express and PCI add-on cards, converters and repeaters for several standard interfaces and the modules for the line protection.

Application Software, Drivers

We supply software for all products including the drivers for various development and visualization software, including the ScopeWin application software for data measuring, analysis and archiving.