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The PROMOTIC system is a software tool used for visualization and control of technological processes in a wide spectrum of industrial branches.

This type of software is also commonly used for management and control of technologies in "intelligent houses" and buildings. The PROMOTIC system is a popular and affordable software tool that is being developed and distributed since 1991.

The PROMOTIC SCADA system is now also available as FREEWARE, i.e. downloadable and functional free of charge. In the freeware mode, it is possible to use all communication drivers and interfaces, that are available in the commercial mode. The runtime of freeware applications is not limited. The only limitation of the freeware mode is the maximum size of applications up to 30 variables.

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PROMOTIC components

There are all necessary components for creating both simple and extensive visualization and control systems built-in the PROMOTIC system:


Most of TEDIA products are supported by PROMOTIC.

The modules MicroUnit serie can be used in mode with channel-oriented protocol AIBus-2 or with standard Modbus RTU protocol; both drivers are integrated directly in the PROMOTIC system.

Plug-in DAQ cards and DAQ USB modules are supported using standard multidriver TEDIA_DAQ01.

How to get more information

The functional freeware version and all other information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer's website, Microsys Ostrava (www.promotic.eu/en).