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UDAQ-1416CA, UDAQ-1416CE

UDAQ-1416CA and UDAQ-1416CE are multifunctional modules for the PC USB interface.

The modules are intended for common applications. They are fitted with 14-bit ADC, allowing to measure up to 40,000 measurements per second, featuring programmable amplifier and multiplexer.

The UDAQ-1416CA module features 16 non-isolated analog inputs (ie. analog inputs GND signal is connected to the PC common ground), two digital inputs operating with HC/TTL signal levels (non isolated) and one relay output. The analog inputs use the D-Sub 25 connector, digital inputs and outputs use the plug-in terminal block.

The UDAQ-1416CE module features are identical to UDAQ-1416CA, but the analog inputs are isolated from the PC common ground.

Both types feature low consumption and they are powered from the USB port only.

UDAQ-1416CA/CE main features

Delivery details

The product packet includes the UDAQ module and USB cable (CAB-USB2, length 1.8m), all documentation and software are available in the Download section.


Type UDAQ-1416CA
Analog inputs 16x S.E.
ADC resolution 14-bit
Analog inputs isolation 1kVDC (UDAQ-1416CE only)
Input ranges ±10V, ±5V, ±2V, ±1V, ±0.5V, ±0.2V
Overvoltage protection ±24V continuously (±50V / 10ms max.)
Sampling frequency
see note below
40kHz max.
Data buffer 1152 B
Number and type of counters 2x 16-bit
Counter input frequency 2MHz max.
Counters inputs the digital inputs are used for the counter function
Number of digital inputs 2 (common with counters)
Digital inputs signal level TTL/HC (-10/+15V overvoltage protected)
Number of digital outputs 1
Digital outputs signal level C type relay, 30VDC/0.5A, 100VAC/0.5A
Digital outputs isolation voltage 200VDC
Bus type USB rev. 2.0 (full speed mode)
Dimensions approx. 140x110x35 mm
Weight approx. 220 g
Weight and dimensions
of product packaging
approx. 340 g
cardboard box approx. 200x140x60 mm

Note: The maximum sampling frequency shown above is defined for the signal source input impedance of 1 kΩ max.