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The RS-485 (or RS-422) surge protector prevents the communication line agains induced overvoltage peaks and provides variable termination impedance.

The MU-3485 module is equipped with two discharge arrester CG75L and Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diode provides a second level of RS-485 line protection.

In addition to the overvoltage protection itself, MU-3485 also allows to adjust the terminating impedance of the line in the range of 60 to 200 Ohms, or left it unconnected.

The MU-3485 module is designed for RS-485 two-wire lines, but can also be used for RS-422 (two modules, one for each pair of lines).

Block diagram:

SV1 - input terminals
SV2 - output terminals (straith-way line)
SV3 - output terminals (with additional protection)


Type MU-3485
Communication line RS-485 (or RS-422)
Termination impedance 60÷200 Ohm (or disabled)
Surge protection
(both output lines)
3x surge arrester
Surge arrester type CG75L (CP Clare)
Additional protection at line
with additional protection
4x TVS diode
TVS diode type BZW06-5V8
Additional impedance at line
with additional protection
2x 4.7 Ohm
Housing & Dimensions Modulbox 3M
Signal terminals screw terminals, wire 2.5mm2 max.