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OPT-830A, OPT-830B

The OPT-830A/830B daughter board series provide differential inputs for the DAQ cards.

Daughter board OPT-830A provides eight differential amplifiers for signals with common mode voltage up to ±250VDC (measured difference signal up to ±10VDC). The overvoltage protection is even ±500VDC. This so high values allow to eliminate the need for use isolating amplifiers in many applications.

The OPT-830B version allows the user to expand the number of measured channels from eight up to 32 (by a parallel connection of up to 4 boards). However, this feature requires two control signals generated by the DAQ card and not all meet this requirement.

The CAB-2511/2 cable (not included) is used for connection the OPT-830A with the DAQ card. If the DAQ card provides the 12V and 5V power supply voltages, the OPT-830A board is powered from the card via CAB-2511/2 cable; if not, external power supply must be used.
The OPT-830B boards also require an interconnection cable CAB-2514X (not included).

OPT-830A and OPT-830B diferences

OPT-830A: eight differential amplifiers
OPT-830B: eight differential amplifiers, but extra tri-state output drivers

All other features are identical.

Delivery details

The product packet includes the board and printed user manual.
The DIN35 housing DIN-830, cables etc. need to be ordered separately.


Type OPT-830A OPT-830B
Analog inputs 8 DIFF.
Input voltage
±11V max. (for proper operation)
Input voltage
(common mode)
±250VDC max. (for proper operation)
±300VDC max. (overvoltage protection; continuously)
±500VDC max. (short-time protection; max. 10s)
Input impedance 800kΩ (differential)
200kΩ(common mode)
gain 1x (±0.05%)
Common mode
rejection ratio
(can be compensated by a potentiometer)
Bandwidth 0÷25kHz (full range signal ±10V)
0÷200 kHz (small signal ±0.1V)
Linearity ±0.02% typ.
Output voltage ±11V max. (for proper operation)
Output load >10kΩ (OPT-830A) >100kΩ (OPT-830B)
Input connectors tool-free terminal block WAGO
Power supply 12VDC (±10%), 60mA max. 12VDC (±10%), 60mA max.
5VDC (±5%), 20mA max.
Dimensions approx. 72x110 mm