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OPT-832D, OPT-832W

The OPT-832 daughter board provides the extension of the number of DAQ card analog inputs.

Daughter board OPT-832 provides multiplexer with 32 inputs and 8 outputs, i.e into one output are routed four input signals. However, this feature requires two control signals generated by the DAQ card and not all meet this requirement.

The board is not equipped with any amplifier and OPT-832 inputs therefore offer the same ranges as the DAQ card to which OPT-832 is connected.

The CAB-2511/2 cable (not included) is used for connection the OPT-832 with the DAQ card. If the DAQ card provides the 12V power supply voltages, the OPT-832 board is powered from the card via CAB-2511/2 cable; if not, external power supply must be used.

OPT-832D/832W board is supplied as an unencapsulated kit, a plastic housing DIN-832 suitable for mounting on the 35 mm DIN rail is supplied optionally.

OPT-832D and OPT-832W diferences

OPT-832D: pin-headers connectors used for inputs
OPT-832W: tool-free terminal block used for inputs

All other features are identical.

Delivery details

The product packet includes the board only (cables and DIN35 housing are not included), documentation is available in the Download section.


Type OPT-832D (pin-headers connectors)
OPT-832W (tool-free terminal block)
Analog inputs 32x S.E.
Input voltage ±10V max. (depends on DAQ card input ranges)
Overvoltage protection ±30V continuously
Output voltage ±11V max. (depends on DAQ card input ranges)
Output load >100kΩ
Power supply 12VDC (±10%), 20mA max.
Dimensions approx. 72x155 mm
Weight approx. 90 g
Weight and dimensions
of product packaging
approx. 140 g
cardboard box approx. 180x130x40 mm