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The OPT-861 daughter board provides optical isolation and signal conditioning of the DAQ cards output digital ports.

The board provides eight output blocks (isolated between each other) for switching DC or AC signals (reed relays are used as a switch). All channels work as noninverting, i.e. high level on control port activates the output relay.

The control port operates in TTL/HC mode, but with output current at least 12mA at signal voltage 4V (meets all DAQ cards TEDIA).

Every channel is fitted with an indicating LED, signalizing high level on control port.

The CAB-0911/2 cable (not included) is used for connection the OPT-861 with the DAQ card, respectively PCE-16xx adaptor.

Delivery details

The product packet includes the board and printed user manual.
The DIN35 housing DIN-801, cables etc. need to be ordered separately.

Technické parametry

Type OPT-861
Number of digital outputs 8
Switching voltage 100VDC / 100VRMS
Switching current 0.5ADC / 0.5ARMS
Switching power 10W / 10VA
Output overload not allowed (relay will be damaged)
Delay (OFF->ON, ON->OFF) <0.5ms
Isolation voltage 100VDC (outputs against DAQ card)
100VDC (between outputs)
Control port signals TTL/HC compatible signal levels
(at least 12mA against GND with 4V signal voltage)
Power supply not required
Dimensions approx. 72x88 mm