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MU-1052U is special LAN<=>RS-485 communication converter designed to integrate MicroUnit series modules (or large group of modules) into Ethernet.

The converter is equipped with a service USB interface that allows to configure the converter without connection to power supply (the converter is powered from USB). Additionally, the converter offers continuous monitoring of the diagnostic data (ongoing communication, timeouts, errors, etc.) via ambedded web server.

Note: The current version of converter supports on RS-485 side only the protocol AIBus-2; Modbus RTU protocol support is planned for a new version of the module.

Software support

MU-1052U converters are supported by Windows drivers (included with installation packages of utilities etc.) and Control Web drivers for free (a Czech development environment provided by Moravian Instruments).
There is also a description of communication protocol at the UDP packet level available.

Note: For typical applications based on Modbus RTU mode, there is no need to use specific MicroUnit converters and software drivers, because any general software support for this protocol can be used.


Type MU-1052U
Number of ports 1x ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
1x RS-485 "AIBus-2 master"
1x USB (for configuration only)
Type od ethernet interface 10BaseT/100BaseTX, RJ45
Supported protocols ethernet, ARP, IPv4, ICMP, UDP
(DHCP and DNS are not supported)
Transfer rate 600Bd ÷ 230.4kBd
RS-485 flow control automatic (ADFC)
RS-485 ESD surge protection 300A, 8/20 µs, IEC 801-5 (TVS diodes 5V8/600W)
Isolation voltage (ethernet) 2kVDC
Supply voltage 10÷30VDC
Power consumption 2.8W max.
Housing & Dimensions Modulbox 3M
Signal terminals screw terminals, wire 2.5mm2 max.