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Sales department - general business information

Company info

Business name: TEDIA spol. s r. o.
(limited liability company)
Reg-ID: 00871362
(listed at Regional Law Court Plzen, Chapter C, No. 5032)
Registered office: Zabelská 162/12, 312 11 Plzen, Czech Republic
VAT-ID: CZ00871362 (verify)
Bank account
(CSOB a. s., Americka 60, 305 55 Plzen, Czech Republic)
IBAN: CZ63 0300 0000 0002 7922 6743
Bank account
(CSOB a. s., Americka 60, 305 55 Plzen, Czech Republic)
IBAN: CZ38 0300 0000 0001 8945 1074
Another contact: see Company section
Business hours: Mo - Fr, 8am - 4pm (UTC+1)
E-mail address: salestedia.eu
Phone: +420 373 730 431
(please use e-mail whenever possible)
Fax: +420 373 730 430
(discontinued, please use e-mail)

General ordering rules & sales terms

Customers from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

Please use www.tedia.cz website.

Customers from the European Union
(except of Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic)

How to place an order...

Orders should be sent by e-mail to the address salestedia.eu and mainly contain:

Order confirmation...

All orders are confirmed by an e-mail after verification.
The confirmation includes, among other things, info about prices and delivery date.

Note: Indicative availability is provided on product pages in the upper left corner.


All prices in pricelists are quoted in CZK per piece, without VAT and shipping cost. Discounts for small quantities are listed in pricelists, in the case of a larger order please ask TEDIA sales department for a quotation.

If your order does not contain a valid VAT number, the invoiced amount must be increased by Czech VAT (21%).

The order is invoiced in EUR by conversion from the CZK price by the current exchange rate indicated on "CSOB - foreign exchange - Bid" on the day of dispatch, unless otherwise agreed in the contract.


TEDIA accepts only bank transfer payment, credit cards cannot be processed.

With the exception of regular customers, an advance invoice (proforma-invoice) is always issued and ordered goods are dispatched within 3 working days of the date of payment (i.e. the day of crediting the payment to the TEDIA account). With few exceptions, the goods are shipped on the first working day following the day of crediting the payment.

The goods are always booked and ready to ship, starting with issue of proforma-invoice, until the 5th day after the due date indicated in proforma-invoice. In the case of late payment (i.e. crediting the payment six and more days after the due date), the dispatch day may be postponed according to current availability of the goods (see indicative availability in the upper left corner of the product page).

Shipping goods...

The goods are shipped by DHL shipping service (PPL in Czech Republic).
Delivery time varies depending on the destination country from 3 to 5 working days, price varies between 25 and 40 Eur (price includes insurance).

The goods can be also sent to the customer's account by another shipping service (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

Warranty and service...

TEDIA provides a warranty for 24 months from the date of dispatch of the product.
The address of the service place is the same as the office address mentioned above.

Customers from countries outside the European Union

Ordering and delivery terms are similar to the terms applied to EU countries. However, VAT number is not required, shipping costs are different (and calculated individually) and invoices can be issued in EUR, USD or CZK.