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MU-251, MU-259, MU-451

The MU-251/259/451 analog output modules are designed especially for proportional control of technological systems.

The modules are based on 16-bit D/A converters supporting all common operating ranges. The appropriate output ranges can be selected independently for each output.
Outputs are short-circuit proof and protected against induced overvoltage (surge protection by TVS diodes).

The whole analogue output group is isolated from other circuits of module (power supply and RS-485 interface), but outputs are not isolated from each other.


Type MU-251 MU-451 MU-259
Analog outputs 2x U 4x U 2x I
Output ranges 0÷10V
DAC resolution 16-bit
Settling time 10ms max.
Basic accuracy better than 0.15% of FSR
Output load >2kΩ >3kΩ <500Ω
Analog output isolation 1kVDC (AOUT block against other circuits)
Supply voltage 10÷30VDC
Power consumption 2.2W max. 2.4W max. 3.0W max.
Housing & Dimensions Modulbox 3M
Signal terminals screw terminals, wire 2.5mm2 max.