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MU-262, MU-462

These modules are designed especially for propotional control of technological systems and are equipped with two (MU-262) or four (MU-462) pulse-width modulators (abbreviation PWM). Additionally, the MU-262 module offers two digital inputs for monitoring the state of digital signals (switches, etc.) with counter capability.

PWM allows first to configure a wide range of period time and then continuously control the pulse width with 1ms increments. This control method is similar to proportional control by an analogue signal and is used for systems with very long response time (heating etc.).

Both or all outputs can be individually interconnected to PWM, or can work as standard digital outputs.

The digital inputs and outputs are isolated not only from other circuits (power supply and RS-485 interface), but from each other, and work with industrial signal levels.


Type MU-262    MU-462   
Number of digital outputs 2 4
Type of digital outputs isolated, 24V
Digital output signal 32VDC/0.3A max.
Počet PWM 2 4
PWM period 1.024s
PWM resolution 1ms
PWM response time less than one PWM period
Number of digital inputs 2 0
Type of digital inputs isolated, bipolar 24V
with 50Hz filter
- - -
Digital input signal
(level L)
<3VDC (both polarities)
<3VRMS (signal 50Hz)
- - -
Digital input signal
(level H)
10÷35VDC (both polarities)
15÷35VRMS (signal 50Hz)
- - -
Overvoltage protection ±60VDC (max. 1s)
60VRMS (signal 50Hz, max. 1s)
- - -
Digital input impedance 14kΩ approx. - - -
Number of counters 2 0
Counter frequency 10Hz max.
(signal asymmetry 40/60% max.)
- - -
Counter range 0÷4294967295 (i.e. 32-bit counter) - - -
Digital port isolation 1kVDC (DIO block against other circuits)
100VDC (between DIO channels)
Supply voltage 10÷30VDC
Power consumption 1.2W max.
Housing & Dimensions Modulbox 3M
Signal terminals screw terminals, wire 2.5mm2 max.