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The MU-332 modules are especially designed for the processing of quadrature signals from incremental rotary sensors (abbreviation IRC). However, the input signals encoder supports variety of other generally applicable counter modes.

The input circuits are designed for signals with RS-422 or TTL levels, and are equipped with digital low-pass filters to suppress "ringing" on input signals.

The encoder can be configured in-to following modes.

The output of the encoder is connected to the 32-bit counter capable to unidirectional and bidirectional counting with configurable length (counting range from 0÷1 up to 0÷4294967295).

The MU-332 modules are equipped with a separate 5V voltage power source for powering external sensors.

In case of a power-off, the counter value is not backed up; after power-on the counter started with counting from preconfigured value.

Note: In applications where the counter value backup function is required, modules MU-132 or MU-133 can be used.


Type MU-332
Number of inputs 9x RS-422/TTL (encoder/counter inputs)
(three groups of three inputs)
Digital input signal -0,5÷5,5V
Overvoltage protection low capacitance TVS diodes
(max. 20A, 8/20µs)
Input impedance 8kΩ & 200pF approx.
Number of counters three bidirectional with configurable counting length
Counter inputs frequency 4MHz (modes without filter, phase frequency)
800kHz (modes with filter, phase frequency)
(signal asymmetry 40/60% max. for all modes)
Encoder modes quadrature (X1, X2, X4),
"up/down", "count/dir", "count/gate"
Counter range configurable from 0÷1 up to 0÷4294967295
Power supply for
external sensors
5VDC, 1A max.
Supply voltage 10÷30VDC
Power consumption 1.5W max. (MU-332 only)
8W max. (full load power supply for sensors)
Housing & Dimensions Modulbox 6M
Signal terminals screw terminals, wire 2.5mm2 max.