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PCI-1414E is a general-purpose communication card, intended for PCI Express bus. The card provides four isolated ports (one RS-232 and three RS-422/485).

PCI-1414E card is based on MCS9901CV controller (manufacturer MosChip Semiconductor) or MCS9904CV controller (manufacturer ASIX Electronics Corp.) that provides PCI Express bus interface, four efficient UARTs (similar to the 16C950 standard) with DMA FIFO 2x 128B in one circuit.

The first two ports at the PCI-1414E card lead to the D-Sub 9 connectors located on the card mounting bracket, the other two ports are accessible via the expansion card PCI-1026E, fitted with the interface circuits located in the next slot. The RS-232 ports provide full modem control signals and standard pin layout.

Ports provide the optical isolation. Optional surge arresters (ESD-X4) can be added to protect isolation barrier against breakdown caused by induced overvoltage.
For more information see safety guidelines for preventing overvoltage damage.

Useful feature are LED indicators on the card mounting bracket (a pair for every port) providing a comfortable check of the line activity.

Delivery details

The product packet includes the PCI-1414E card, PCI-1026E expansion card and InfoCD with drivers and user manual.


Type PCI-1414E
Number of ports 4
Ports type 1x RS-232 + 3x RS-422/485
Communication controller MCS9901CV (MosChip Semiconductor)
MCS9904CV (ASIX Electronics Corp.)
Transfer rate up to 230.4kBd
up to 921.6kBd
Supported signals RS-232: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI
RS-422: TXD+ (B), TXD- (A), RXD+ (B), RXD- (A)
RS-485: TXD/RXD+ (B), TXD/RXD- (A)
Transceiver type MAX3243E (Texas Instruments, RS-232)
ADM4853 (Analog Devices, RS-422/485))
RS-232 flow control XON/XOFF, DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS
RS-422/485 operating modes RS-422, RS-422 multimaster, RS-485
RS-422/485 flow control automatic (ADFC), DTR
RS-232 ESD surge protection 15kV IEC 61000-4-2, air-gap
RS-422/485 ESD
surge protection
300A, 8/20 µs, IEC 801-5 (TVS diodes 5V8/600W)
Isolation voltage 1kVDC (600VDC when ESD-X4 used)
Isolation protection Surge arrester CG5-600L
(ESD-X4 option)
termination impedance
Bus type PCI Express (x1, Gen 1)
I/O and MEM address,
Interrupt channels
assigned by PnP PCI BIOS
Dimensions approx. 85x105 mm (PCI-1434E)
approx. 85x55 mm (PCI-1026E)