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Technical support & Bug report

Dear user of TEDIA® products,

we believe that you are satisfied with our products and they operate as you have expected. We work hard to improve all processes from development to pre-shipping control to ensure that each product meets the expectations. We also pay attention to the extent and completeness of the products documentation.

However, if any problem occurred, you can contact technical support with inquiries no matter where and when you purchased the product.

To make it easier, we recommend the following procedure:

If you can not solve the problem and decide to contact TEDIA Technical Support at e-mail address supporttedia.eu, please fill in at least the following information:

Bug report

Although we precisely check all our product documentation, manuals, advertising materials and also this web page, some mistakes or ambiguous constructions may occur. Please feel free to contact us at e-mail address supporttedia.eu if you find any bugs in our materials or if you have any suggestions.
Help us to improve the products - they are made for you. Thank you.