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Communication - Universal converters and repeaters

Komunikační konvertory

TEDIA offers a number of communication converters designed especially for data transfer between devices in laboratories or in industrial applications.

The converters can be divided into two basic groups; the first are converters from the USB interface to RS-232 or RS-485 communication lines (ie. converters creating a COM port in the host computer; replace plug-in communication cards), the second group is converters of two communication lines.

Note: Do you have questions regarding the serial communications? See the serial communication guidelines, or feel free to contact our technical support.

Miniature isolated USB converters

Type Interface Signals ADFC Isolation
UC-232 RS-232 TXD, RXD - - - 2.5 kVRMS
UC-485 RS-485 TXD/RXD yes 2.5 kVRMS

Universal converters and repeaters for DIN35 rail mount

Type 1. port 2. port Signals ADFC Isolation
MU-1481 RS-232 RS-422/485 TXD, RXD yes 2x 1kVDC
MU-2481 RS-422 RS-422/485 TXD, RXD yes 2x 1kVDC
MU-2485 RS-485 RS-485 TXD, RXD yes 2x 1kVDC

Note: Description of discontinued types can be found on dedicated page.

RS-422/485 lines surge protector for DIN35 rail mount

Type Description
MU-3485 RS-485 surge arrester, TVS diodes and termination impedance module