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PCT-7424C, PCT-7424E

The PCT-7424C/E card combines a high number of counters with digital inputs and digital outputs.

The card provides a 24-bit digital input port, which is connected to set of 32-bit counters. The counters can be started/stopped simultaneously and can be also reset.

The counters are expanded by one 8-bit digital input port and two 8-bit output ports.

The card also includes IRQ logic with one source derived from the internal timer. The timer allows the user (together with the period setup, startup and stop) to read back its actual state.

Counter inputs are accessible via D-Sub 25 connector, first digital output port via D-Sub 25 connector; both of them are placed on the card mounting bracket. Next two digital ports are accessible via the PCE-16xx series adaptor (not included), using the card mounting bracket with two D-Sub 25 or D-Sub 9 connectors.

PCT-7424C/E card is based on FPGA configured from on-board flash memory with user-friendly firmware upgrade.

PCT-7424C/E diferences

Isolation of counter inputs at PCT-7424E is the only diference between both version.

Delivery details

The product packet includes the PCI card only, all documentation and software are available in the Download section.


Type PCT-7424C
Number and type of counters 24x 32-bit
Counter inputs signal level PCT-7424C: HC/TTL
(±10V overvoltage protected)
PCT-7424E: 24VDC of both polarities
(±40V overvoltage protected)
Counter inputs isolation PCT-7424C: bez izolace
PCT-7424E: 1kVDC
Counter inputs frequency PCT-7424C: 2MHz
PCT-7424E: 10kHz
Number of digital inputs 8
Digital inputs signal level TTL/HC (±24V overvoltage protected)
Number of digital outputs 8
Digital outputs signal level TTL/HC
Interrupt sources internal timer 1÷255ms
Bus type PCI, 3V3/5V, 32-bit, 33MHz
(64-bit PCI and PCI-X compatible)
I/O and MEM address,
Interrupt channels
assigned by PnP PCI BIOS
Dimensions approx. 90x130 mm
Weight approx. 90 g
Weight and dimensions
of product packaging
approx. 140 g
cardboard box approx. 180x130x40 mm