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TEDIA® company - development and production of electronic equipments for laboratory and industrial applications. Designed & manufactured in Europe.

Products overview

DAQ add-on cards DAQ USB modules Remote modules
PC DAQ systems
Laboratory & mobile DAQ systems
Remote DAQ&C modules
Communications add-on cards Communications converters Development
add-on cards


Custom-made development
Cost-effective modification of standard products or turnkey development of brand new types.

Website history

2019-05-30 The whole Products/Software section has been expanded.
2019-01-02 New UC-232 and UC-485 Windows drivers have been released.
2018-10-12 New MU-623/625/626 modules offering digital inputs with high insulation strength.
2018-03-21 New MU-491/492 modules for thermocouples measurement with high insulation strength.
2018-02-01 All pricelists have been updated.
2017-11-20 New MU-615 modules for temperature measurement with RTD.
2017-11-02 Brand new drivers with full Windows 10 support have been released.