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Custom-made development
Cost-effective modification of standard products or turnkey development of brand new types.

Website history

2023-03-01 DAQ PCI Express cards are supplied under usual conditions again.
2023-01-02 Regular production of DAQ PCI cards has been stopped. Last chance to buy spare parts!
2022-12-01 Due to the temporary unavailability of key components, unfortunately, delivery period of DAQ PCI Express cards cannot be guaranteed.
2022-08-11 New Windows driver for DAQ PCI/PCIe cards has been released
(an overview of major changes).
2022-03-01 Due to the unprecedented situation on the components market and the rising of prices, our pricelists will be updated on the every first working day of the month.
2022-02-25 No war can be tolerated !
Due to the barbaric war attack on Ukraine, TEDIA stopped supplying its products to territories of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.
2022-01-03 All pricelists have been updated.
2022-01-03 Last stock pieces of PCI COM cards at extremely reduced prices.
End of regular production, last chance to buy spare parts !
2021-12-13 Business hours during Christmas 2021.
2021-11-01 New MU-1052M LAN/RS-485 converter MicroUnit serie.
2021-10-01 All pricelists have been updated.
2021-09-16 The Download / DAQ accesories section has been expanded.
2021-08-16 All pricelists have been updated.
2021-05-03 New MU-332 module MicroUnit serie (triaxial IRC counter modules).